Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Defame Season 1

DEFAMED: Ladder Climbers


Ladder Climbers- They can also be known as, people who somehow know you, whose names you barely can remember and whose phone numbers you will never use. You can attract a ladder climber simply by accepting their friend request on myspace. This ladder climber could really care less about who you were before they saw you in pictures with the clubs dj or promoter. You may one day exchange numbers, but they will never be used during the daytime just to shoot the shit or have lunch. Your number is for pre-club night texting only. In person you have absolutely nothing to say to a ladder climber ever unless you are completely shitfaced. And when you are, you will find your conversations only consist of "I am so drunk", "I miss your face" and "Kevin take a picture of us!". The great thing is within a week you will see that you have been honored with a position in their top 8, feel like one of their newest and most beloved friends, only to be replaced by someone else 7 days later, because you did a very bad thing. You got a job and stopped going out on the weekdays.