Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Defame Season 1

DEFAMED : The Tropicals

I hate doing this. To write about it, is to bring more attention to a stupid trend that I really hope just disappears into the mass supra sneakers and florescent sunglasses wearing sea of followers. But as I sit back and glance at the myspace bulletins, I shake my head as I watch more and more people attaching a bracket to their user name, inside the bracket a word that only indicates to me [I am an empty headed retard, with no real sense of SELF, only driven and controlled by a scene, and a hand gesture that defines not who I am, but who I follow]. Wait. Maybe you're (fortunately) not in the know. Allow me to introduce to you…ugh…the TROPICALS.


I’ve been asked several times what it means and have come up with the answer, despite what even the tropicals themselves believe.

Tropicals- A group of people who have come together because of a common disease called Individuality Disorder. They cannot function as one human alone in the social scene. Status points are based on how many people they can get to distort their hands into a popular letter in the alphabet. You will find this disease is not uncommon. The following simple test can be done to show how alarmingly fast this disorder can spread:

*Enter a popular bar/club with a large amount of patrons who you cannot tell the sex of by their haircuts.
*Stick a pile of poop on your head
*Get a popular club night photographer to take a picture of the poop on your head.
*Let the picture of you with poop on your head get posted on the photographers blog.
*Enter same club the following week.
*Voila. Everyone has poop on their head.

Frightening isn't it?