Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Defame Season 1

DEFAMED: Downtown Jewelie Nobody

I'm sure you must have run into this Forbidden wannabe in Firestone's VIP section catering to her friends and not you, or in some button up wearing Happy Hour crowded bar. With only a couple million more friends to go on myspace, she is well on her way to becoming the likes of Tila Tequila and other myspace nobodys with tits and the ability to pose and be over photoshopped.

"photo removed at the request of copyright owner"

Nice artisticly painted arms Julie. (and btw, I'm calling you Julie for now on, because I am going to give your parents the benefit of the doubt and not believe they actually spelled your name any other way).

Trying to get a better idea of who Julie really was I tried out her myspace page. Thanks for adding me babe. I found what I needed and have already deleted you. Skimming through her overwritten about me section which seems to have been done up by an 11 year old, I noticed one thing that made me feel quite guilty over defaming this sweet innocent person. And that's that she doesn't seem to like all the attention she recieves on myspace at all. In fact she seems to find it appalling that any man would want to contact her just for her body and say dirty things in messages. Allow me to quote her.

"photo removed at the request of copyright owner"

Woops. Where did that come from? Anyways. On with the quote:

"I want to start Off by saying that if u plan on sending me a Friend Request Please atleast talk to me First but Please Do NOT send me Perverted messages Like " yo, Ma I want to slide up in that" Because first of all U are NOT going to get a reply back... ANd, then dont get mad when i dont... Just sit there and think of how Pathetic u are even writing that!!!!!!!"

That's true Julie. They are pathetic for thinking any such thing.

"photo removed at the request of copyright owner"

Oops. What the hell is going on here. Some how the pictures on your myspace page keep getting tangled in the blog. I've got nothing else. Just feel bad for poor
Julie and stop treating her like a piece of meat already. She is obviously more than that.

"photo removed at the request of copyright owner"