Thursday, May 8, 2008

Defame Season 1

DEFAMED: Aaron Wright

Come with me back in time. To 2002 to be exact. To a place called Backbooth, and a man named Andy. There was the grand opening of the venue downtown, live bands playing every other day, punk and grunge events, and a little night we fondly remember as Andy's Beer School.

Then one day there was a new owner. A dispute. No more Andy. And no original barstaff.

Enter Aaron Wright.



As far as Aaron goes. I like the man. And as I heard, the original staff was overly pretentious anyways, so I don't give a shit if they are there or not either. But as far as the change in atmosphere of the bar goes? This was a fucking cool place. And Andy's Beer School was not only successful, but different from any of the 9,000 kiddy nights we have going on these days. I have yet to be in a bar/club/venue downtown with as many X's on the patrons hands, as your beloved Backbooth. You certainly can not be making ANY money off the sale of alcohol. At this point, you might as well just carve a round wooden circle into the middle of your bar's dance floor and make this a skating rink for teens to drink Dr. Peppers at every Friday and Saturday night. I'm sure the place would fair just as well.

Then it hit me. Of course. Aaron wants it this way. A grown man in his 30's with teenage girls at his disposal every night? How else could he have landed this classy 15 year year old broad?