Saturday, May 24, 2008

Defame Season 1

DEFAMED: Liquid Cellar

I have to admit, Liquid Cellar did one very right thing when they came up with the drink specials for their bar. They offer a plethora of unlimited drink nights, with a cheap entrance fee, almost ever single day they are open, knowing it would only take a deal like that to get people in this beer pit of college trash. Please note that while $10 will get you unlimited drinks all night, drinking like this every week doesn’t come without a price. The picture below is a direct indication of what the asshole on the right will look like a year from now...

I continued to skim what appears to be the worst photosite known to this city in an effort to find some more typical dudebro's/douchebags/etc, but came to the conclusion that the photographer only had his lens aimed at the masses of forever 21 dresses paired with flip flops and god knows whatever this is.

And this

And this intelligent bar patron.

not to mention the whitest dancing

And a wonderful example of why no one graduates from this college:

In conclusion...

I found this bar as well as its pictures to be some of the most ugly and absolutely boring material I have come across thus far. Even if it was only via the internet, I hate you all for making me go here and am still confused as to why there is even a photographer in such a dump.