Friday, June 27, 2008

Previously On Defame...

The Tropicals were called out on being the biggest bunch of half naked fags, mistakingly throwing up the letter T in front of their faces, instead of the letter L. Sorry, I lost the picture damn it.

Their other ladder climbing friends ragged on for being mindless myspace followers in one of the most bizarre trends to hit the Orlando myspace scene… [Brackets].Photobucket

Aaron Wright Photobucket was gently put on the roaster. Details of his marriage and current high school girlfriend were conveniently left out.

Jamesson Photobucket was called out on being exactly what he was, a fame seeking Orlando gay club doorboy who took entirely too many pictures of himself .

Downtown Jewlie Purple Photobucket cried that her airbrushed pictures were used illegally and not for the public. Her myspace is private, yet available to over 5,000 “friends”.

We were better informed of M.C Rad ‘s gay hair Photobucket, failing promoting career, virginity, and love for songs such as “Hey there Delilah”.

Adrian’s possible coke habit was unveiled,Photobucket only to then reveal his (ex)boyfriend Seans coke habit, which then unveiled about 6 other scenies coke habits later on in the comments.

This guy was unfortunately brought to light. Photobucket.

Wax Troll’s were spotted in nightclubs to pose next to Photobucket,

Renee’s fake titty Photobucket “I have them, but you can’t see them” Internet cam whore scam was "busted". Her hair has still not been introduced to shampoo.

Liquid Cellar was unshockingly revealed as a shithole Photobucket

Girl’s at Sam’s I love the 90’s did this Photobucket,

Pounders renamed itself something just as sausagefesty Photobucket

Wes ran away with carnivals money, but not really because Adrian was pocketing it on the side while charging full price at the doors and taking away guest lists.Photobucket. And Hugo had an online nervous breakdown, but returned to Carnival a week later.

Yip Yip continued to blend into the walls of a state fair fun house Photobucket.

Gay naked Timothy got warm by a fire Photobucket

The lead singer of Blood on the Dance Floor Photobucket tried to move out of his parents Windermere house, but failed like his music.. He is still trying to find that perfect glue to hold his mic stand together.

The entire town of BithloPhotobucket joined us to defend Mike Busey and learnededed for the first time ever how to type on a computer keyboard.

Kinetica was trashed for endless pictures of themselves looking hopelessly in love, extra matchy, and a bit creepy Photobucket. Their sassilacious videos with guests spots going to Zelda characters were received with cringing laughter.

And Delmar got kicked out of Florida. Photobucket.

I smell a Defamed: Season Two coming on...

And just for old times sake:

Oh man. I miss this thing.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Adios Assholes

I figured I wouldn't leave you totally empty handed with nothing to say about it all. Anyone miss it? Glad it's gone?

Monday, June 16, 2008

Defame Season 1

DEFAMED: Rip Rockin' Richey




Thank you in advance Richey for requesting my friendship online so that I didn’t have to go searching for you. You made my job so much easier.

At first glance at his site and what was scribbled all over his pictures I was afraid I was about to defame a dead kid. But then I realized the “RIP” didn’t have dots in between the letters and he was indeed alive and breathing. Fifty horribly photoshopped images later, music rivaling bands as bad as BOTDF’s (see lyrics below) and three video’s of this jackass calling himself ROCKINNNNN’  later, I suddenly wished that I was correct in what I had initially assumed about the guy.

You’re all gonna seriously shoot me for this. Give it at least a minute and a half. That’s all I gave it. Here is Richey's Debut Music Video.

“I want to be an American Idol so I can be a better role model and help save the animals”

Now I will leave you all with the lyrics I tried my best to figure out to Rip Rockin Richey’s "Rockin Reject”

Rockin Reject

RIPP Rockin!!!

Am I someone famous
Am I someone that everyone knows
Or am I someone famous
Or am I someone that nobody knows
I couldn’t help but to riot
Kicked out by the idols
I couldn’t help to balsfaj ajfhakjhfa
Asufhah! Fhjaifh!!


Acceptably unaccepted
On American idol weekend
Kicked off the show now
Ekjfhakjhak afha!
They couldn’t handle me
I’m Rip Rockin Richey
I’ll kajhfajf with them with the Punk Rock!!!

The next song was titled “Avrilicious”

And the lyrics started with:

I love Avril Lavigne
I love Avril Lavigne
I love Avril Lavignnnnneeeee!!!!


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Defame Season 1

DEFAMED: Pounders/Octagon Bar

Classless college hoochies and their god damn flip flops and evening attire.

Soooo. Anyone want to explain to me what the fuck this is and why the hell you go? And please. Straight males. Speak up. I'm verrrry curious.

Thought I'd add this:

It's a UCF Party bus. Takin' the kids home from Pounders. Feel free to sing along.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Defame Season 1

DEFAMED: Jamesson Beane

In case you don't know what makes our lovely orlando go round, this weekend begins the long awaited GAY DAYS! I will wait to defame this wonderful event, until I get a good eyeball full of all the short shorts, chiseled anorexia man abs, and spray tans I can handle in the pictures that will follow it.

However, I just couldn't leave you empty handed right now. If you weren't aware of this already, we have our very own version of "Leave Brittney Alone!!!!" right here in this rainbow city of ours. Jamesson Beane Everyone (Jamesson himself asked that I remove the original image so I replaced it with this one. Hope this works for you Jamesson!)...

A model, an actor, a writer, a gay club doorboy(oh yes ladies and gentleman, modeling can get you far), not to mention the "fifth polka dot", Extremely high fashioned...

pffft hahaha. sorry, that last one...

Always supporting walmarts line of mac cosmetics "MAC The Morning After"...

Girl hair bob wearin' Celebrity mingler...

And really, can one even mingle with someone more famous than Frenchie from the Rock of Love II? Count in myspace whore and NY fashion week after party attender, Jameeson Beane has done it all!!! (yet still lives here in Orlando). Let's not forget his stab at reality tv, being thisclose to becoming a contender on VH1's "America's Most Smartest Super Model". Attached is his video diary, a piece I believe he used to get in the contest, thoroughly proving the mind blowing thoughts this genius model deals with on a regular basis...