Friday, August 22, 2008

Why let me take all the shit for the hate that this blog promotes? Now you can blame your fellow friends and acquaintances . Time to counteract those Best of Orlando Weekly Awards.


Monday, August 18, 2008

DEFAMED: The Polkadots

Many many years ago on planet Ilyner there lived two blonde hobbits, I mean sisters, and a slutty looking cousin. The cousin has nothing to do with this story though because I believe she was expelled from said planet for fucking her own cousins boyfriend. Moving on...Raised on the many applications of eyeliner be it liquid form, roller or sharpened,

and to quote them, being "influenced by only the best, including The Beatles, The Beach Boys and The Aisler Set to name a few." (and we all know how comparative to The Beatles, The Aislers Set is) these little blond wonders were finally full grown to the ripe and tall height of four foot six and sent to invade planet earth with their "music".

They zoomed past London, ignored the East Village, flicked off L.A, and landed in Thriftko. Quickly they grabbed on to all the cliche 60's band attire they could find (which sadly just consisted of cheesy lingerie and knit hats) and started their takeover on the wonder that is Myspace. Feverishly the Polkadots added friend after friend after friend, hitting hundreds and then thousands! They even enlisted a 5th male(ish)polka dot at the time, Defame's own Jameeson Beane, and started to become stronger and more popular than ever! With their "band" now a common name in Orlando, they attacked Ibar when it started its Thursday indie night and later Firestone week after week after week, plastered kcolldesign pictures all over the web, underaged and illegally landed in bbq bar

and finally FINALLY...

They disappeared.

But why? Why did midgets with so much drive and potential, fade into the dark corners of Ibar? Why did a band with absolutely no songs or music...not gain any success? Ahh, the mysteries of our world.

Little is known about these girls we once called The Polkadots. All we have now are mere fragments and reminders of their existence. Replacements. Brown haired slutty dreary versions...

of what should have been the next youtube phenomenon. Had they shown ANY sign of intelligence or talent.

in conclusion...

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Hello SDS.

Students For A Democratic Society. America's perfect little do good creatures.

Welcome to Defame.

push play and que nerd music while you read.

I was going to let you guys slide. You basically came out of the blue and insinuated that I was a bigot racist because I used the word "homo" and also because I pushed together Jeb's last name with the word Elvis to create "Elvistein". Holy evil, I'm Hitler. And you had no problem picking on me for using "homophobic" verbage, if you will, while you defended someone who had just been arrested for battery on another person. All of this annoyed me, but again, I really wasn't going to Defame you. Especially not this member of yours who would have been SO easy...


But then one of you said this about defame readers...

Anonymous said...

sds is going to get it? how is that? what's there to hate about us? that we better the community while you sit around getting wasted?

All while I had these pictures waiting to go...

So SDS. When your OFFICERS get the liquor bottles out of eachothers asses and you are done smoking fatties, downing jack, and beating eachother up with blow up penis's... Then maybe... MAYBE you can come on here and pass judgment on me and anyone who comments on this blog. Until then you are just the same as the rest of us and it would probably be best if you just kept your higher than thou mouths closed.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

DEFAMED: Chill Sundays

Just a quickie weekend Defame:






and um...





::Blink:: Blink::Rub::Rub:: Could Chill Sundays actually be THEE weekly "party" in which we all coexist and love one another???

My little Orlandonians are finally coming together. I'm gonna cry.

(But why don't the artsy fellows get labels on their pictures?)

P.S PBR owes me $100 bucks for this ad.